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Pleasing Designs

Our aesthetically pleasing ID card designs have no match. You can select one from our gallery or provide us with your very own design.

ID Card Printing

We provide professional ID card printing service for your organization. Our high-quality printing service has no match in the market.

Tailored Cards

We always prefer dynamic and tailored templates for everyone. This is why our business model offer great customizability at every step in the process.

Easy Data Collection

Our all-purpose mobile application let organizations collect data in more convenient way by letting individuals fill their data individually.

Data Export

The collected data can be exported in a single file with whatever format you find convenient. Usually, data is exported in a well-represented Excel file.

Dynamic Forms

We let organizations create their customized dynamic form that can be used by the individuals to fill out their required information. It’s smart!

4 Step Process

Easy steps to get started

Get Registered

Getting yourself registered with our online platform lets you explore more of our services. Whether it’s a school or office, we never encourage a generic template for everyone. Every organization wants to print customized ID cards depending upon their needs. Our Card Gallery helps you select a desired template. However, you can also provide us with your own ID card design.

Card Selection

Sometimes the process of selecting the desired design becomes quite hard. We provide variety of ID card designs to choose from. Our Card Gallery includes dozens of ideas from which you can either choose one or let us design a new ID card for you. Xtreme-ID provides professional card printing service along with the authority of control to the organizations.

Make your Form

Traditionally, organizations had to manually input all the required information of individuals in an Excel file for card printing companies to use. We have made things easier. You can create your own form depending upon your needs. Hundreds of options are already available from which you can create a desired template for your form.

Mobile App do the Rest

Collecting data has always been a time-consuming activity. We, at Xtreme-ID, value your time! Thus, we came up with an easy-to-use cross-platform Mobile App. Your form will generate a code that can be used by individuals to get an access to the form where they can enter all the required information that needs to be printed on the ID cards.

What reviews are saying

People love us

They had a lot of design templates to choose from, made my design selection process pretty much convenient.

Tabitha Vega

Xtreme-ID saved a lot of my time. Their application was quite easy to use which made data collection much easier.

Mable Bishop

Highly Recommended! I wasn’t expecting this much precision to the details and the time-to-delivery was just stunning.

Ruth Williams

Got exactly what they promised. Extremely delighted with the design and the quality of printing.

Marta Sanchez

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